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April 20, 2014

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Top Hand Winners


Left to Right: Tucker Ford (Hydraulic Crane), Karey Ford (Lattice Crane), Paul Yoshihara (Backhoe), Charlie St Paul (Excavator), Robert Bryant (Skidsteer), Jake Santjer (Dozer), Dean Beasley (Forklift)



Left to Right: Carlos Perez (Loader), Justin Drotz (Excavator), Richard Bostick (Dozer), Dean Beasley (Forklift), Glen Allen (Lattice Crane), Austin Sheely (Hydraulic Crane), Robert Bryant (Backhoe)







 Left to Right: Greg Hogan (Hydraulic and Lattice Crane), Shaun Cooley (Dozer), Mark Foreman (Loader), Becky Behtold (Backhoe), Vince Gorley (Excavator), Josh Kloempken (Forklift)


Left to Right: Dan Madden (Lattice Crane), Greg Hogan (Hydraulic Crane), Randy Bruhn (Forklift), Robert Bryant (Excavator), Bill Scipper (Loader), Vince Gorley (Backhoe, Dozer) 


Left to Right: Robert Bryant (Excavator), Mark Eagen (Loader), Austin Sheely (Lattice Crane), Josh Kloempken (Forklift), Chawn Loudermilk (Backhoe), Tim Haugen (Dozer), Greg Hogan (Hydraulic Crane)


Left to Right: Jon Hart (Backhoe), Dan Parry (Loader), Greg Hogan (Lattice Crane), Andrew Bloch (Lattice Crane), Vince Gorley (Forklift and Excavator), Jake Santjer (Dozer)




And the Winners Are...
Jun 27, 2013

Congratulations to our 2013 Top Hands!

First Place Winners and Top Hands:

                    Backhoe and Skidsteer: Paul Yoshihara                 Excavator: Brian Stratton

                    Truck & Trailer: Chris Tarte                                  Forklift: Don Johnson

                    Grader: Greg Qualls                                                   Hydraulic Crane: Austin Sheely

                    Lattice Crane: Glen Allen (Not Pictured)                  Dozer: Cedric Easley (Not Pictured)

Individual Category Winners:

Skidsteer  (Instructor: Bob Myers)


1st: Paul Yoshihara    2nd: Bob Bryant      3rd: Rafael Cuevas        

Truck & Trailer  (Instructor: Jerry Turner)

1st: Chris Tarte     2nd: Doug Johnson    3rd: Jerry Stapp    

Dozer   (Instructors: Hank Scott & Efrain Saucedo)

1st: Cedric Easley     2nd: Aaron Nakao     3rd: Paul Yoshihara

Backhoe   (Instructor: Dennis Greninger)

1st: Paul Yoshihara    2nd: Mike Huffman     3rd: Mike Carey

Forklift   (Instructor: Al Rollins)

1st: Don Johnson     2nd: Charlie Brown     3rd: Randy Marmes

Excavator   (Instructor: Dennis Greninger)

1st: Brian Stratton    2nd: Paul Yoshihara    3rd: Greg Qualls

Blade   (Instructor: Bryant Bullock)

1st: Greg Qualls     2nd: John Hart     3rd: Charlie St Paul

Hydraulic Crane   (Instructors: Rick Wyllys & Mark Kaestner)

1st: Austin Sheely    2nd: Steve Sande     3rd: MIke Carey

Lattice Crane   (Instructors: Rick Wyllys & Mark Kaestner)

1st: Glen Allen    2nd: Steve Sande     3rd: Austin Sheely

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