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July 20, 2024

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Minimum Qualifications
Updated On: Sep 01, 2021

Are You Apprentice Ready?

Can you answer “yes” to each guideline?

  1. Good work ethic

Shows up every day for work ON TIME and school (no excuses). Always has back-up daycare and transportation plans.  Works hard at a steady pace.

  1. Aptitude
  • Listens and learns on the job and in school
  • Works with others as a team to build the project (whether you like someone or not, you need to be able to work with everyone on the crew)
  • Follows directions of crew leaders regardless of the manner in which they are given (Directions are often given quickly and may sound angry because the immediacy of the job situation demands it. This is not time for sensitive feelings)

  1. Necessary physical condition

Some apprenticeships require both physical strength and endurance. Apprentices in the Operators Apprenticeship must be able to work in a physically demanding environment for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.  Apprentices can work at heights and in enclosed areas, and doing labor type work. Apprentices need to be very safety conscious in all of their work.

  1. Drug Free and can pass drug and/or alcohol tests that are given randomly to apprentices. Although marijuana is legal in the state, it is not legal in the construction industry, even with a medical card. 

  1. Valid driver’s license and good driving record. Has reliable transportation, preferably owns their own vehicle. (Companies may send you to another job in the middle of the day and you need to be able to get there. The contractor may need you to drive a company vehicle). Also willing to drive to where the work is, which may be some distance and not available on any bus line. Must be willing to drive 80 miles (one-way) for a dispatch.

  1. Good comprehension of the English language. This includes both verbal and written comprehension for successful learning on the job and in school.

  1. Education required of the trade – high school diplomaGED, or other high school equivalency. If you do not meet the required education, you can apply for a waiver. To be eligible for the education waiver, you must provide documentation that you have worked for 2+ years in the construction industry and reach a score of 70% or highter on the Math and Reading assessment exams. 

  1. Stable living situation and a phone. This means managing personal issues such as credit or relationships so they do not interfere with work or school performance.  It also means resolving undependable or childcare issues.

  1. Meets the minimum requirements of the Operators 

          You are an excellent Apprentice candidate if you can meet the above guidelines!    

Minimum Qualifications for all Applicants:

AGE: Not less than eighteen (18) years.

EDUCATION:  Applicant must have a high school diploma, G.E.D., or high school equivalency at time of application.  If you do not have one of these, you can apply for the Waiver*

*A Waiver for a high school diploma/G.E.D., or state equivalency may be granted for applicants who can provide documentation that they have worked two (2) or more years in the construction industry. The applicant must also meet a minimum score of 80% or better on the math and reading tests administered by the Apprenticeship program in order for the waiver to be granted.

PHYSICAL:  The applicant must be physically able to perform the work of the trade. If selected for the Apprenticeship program,  you will be required to complete and pass a physical that meets the requirements for a Washington State commercial driver license.

ENGLISH:  Applicants must be able to write and speak the English language.

TESTING:  All applicants must complete the mathematics and reading tests. Math and reading scores for all applicants are for advisory purposes only, except as noted above when requesting waiver for education requirement.

RESIDENCY:  Applicants must have a valid State Driver license and dependable transportation to job sites within the geographical area of these Standards.  



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